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Poetry reading

Brain Food


Something Deep Inside


Ann & Ben Witherington on Kangaroo Island off the south coast of Australia, August 2004



Ben Witherington with a group of students & friends at
the great Pyramid in Egypt, May 2004



Ben Witherington with his tour group at Ephesus in Turkey, May 2004



Christy and David Witherington




Ephesus archaeological site – Summer 2005


Hagia Sophia Church, Istanbul – Summer 2005


Linville Gorge, North Carolina – September 2005



The Israeli built a wall which isolated Bethlehem from the surrounding area, which is part of Israel.These pictures are of the graffiti on the walls, put there by Palestinians who have been walled in.


Ben and the Holy Father who is the chief priest of the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem.


Ben with the CBS correspondent Mareen Maher standing beside a stone manger and animal hitching post in the Rockefeller Museum in Jerusalem.


Christy and David Witherington, on the family vacation to Myrtle Beach. Summer 2008



Pictures from the Past
Beach Retreat, circa 1972