Thyroid 장유출장마사지 Massage to Look 40 Years Younger?

She was a courtesan or a high-society prostitute with legendary beauty and she looked 30 when she was 70. In the video, I demonstrated the thyroid 장유출장마사지 massage that this legendary beauty supposedly did but it was very hard on the arms.

Since then I’ve modified it to make it much easier on the arms so this is an update to the original video. Before I get started, if you have any thyroid issues, including the removed thyroid,   please check with your medical doctor if this is appropriate for your specific condition.

First, apply a lubricant of your choice.   Rub your hands 20 times to warm up.  Put warm hands on your neck like so.   Originally, I was moving the entire arm to caress the neck upwards. But now I just move my fingers by hooking my fingers behind my neck and closing my palms.

Do this 50 times. Besides looking 30 when she was 70, she lived until 85 which is also miraculous when the life expectancy was  40 something at that time.   Thyroid 장유출장마사지 massage wasn’t the only thing she was doing.

She was supposedly doing other routines,   but in the original video, I said maybe what kept her looking young was her policy of not dating someone for more than 3 months at a time and I  got so many opinions about that in the comments.

I will have the link below so you can read them to agree or disagree. After going upward 50 times, since you are moving lymph around the neck,   I always caress downward to do lymphatic drainage at the end.

If you removed your thyroid and if your doctor says this is ok to do, I believe you still get the benefit of lymphatic drainage. This 장유출장마사지 massage specialist works only moving forward,  not backward. So if you are 40 you will not look like a newborn and if you are  20 you won’t look like before conception.

And you will not know whether it works to make you look 40 years younger until 40 years later. Thanks for watching. I’ll see you back next week. Make it a great week.   Feel free to comment below and please don’t forget to subscribe.